Technical Workforce and Brexit

27 September 2017

In developing a future immigration system, Government has an opportunity to review how it can best support the recruitment of skills needed in the UK, including technical skills that underpin world-class research and teaching in our universities.

Technicians are vital to the success of the UK’s world leading universities. They are a highly skilled workforce with a diverse range of expertise, providing essential support to research and knowledge transfer.


Many also play a key role in building the UK’s future workforce by teaching and developing the technical skills students require to pursue a future career in research.

Government’s commitment to technical education is important to address the skills gap in this area, but growing the technical skills pipeline in the UK will take time and we will always need to tap into top talent from overseas to enhance skills in the UK.  It is crucial that the UK’s immigration system supports recruitment from overseas to fill these positions and train the next generation of technical staff in the UK.

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Russell Group - Technical Workforce and Brexit

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