Assisting understanding and revision through online lecture content

ReCap is Newcastle University’s lecture- and event-recording service. It allows audio and visual material, including the lecturer's voice, presentation slides and visualised documents, to be published online in an automated, easy-to-use process.

The system enables students to review lectures and additional materials in their own time, helping them to better understand complex topics and assisting their revision for exams. This is particularly helpful for students with dyslexia and non-native English speakers.

Surveys have highlighted a positive student reaction to ReCap, with 90% of those surveyed rating it as ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’, and around 80% stating that they accessed recordings to make additional notes, to revisit difficult concepts or for revision purposes. Since its introduction in 2007-08, over 24,000 recordings have been made which have received over 900,000 viewings.

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