Russell Group welcomes new deal for postgraduate researchers

26 September 2023

After UKRI published plans to improve support for students studying towards doctorates and other research degrees through a new deal for postgraduate research, Professor Chris Day, Chair of the Russell Group and Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University said:

"As a founder member of the Postgraduate Funders and Providers Forum, we are pleased to support UKRI in their role as a convenor of the sector. Work on the ‘New Deal’ has been a genuinely collaborative effort, considering both the needs of individuals and how to improve the functioning of the whole postgraduate research system. This is a vital part of the wider work to secure the UK’s position as a science superpower.

"Our universities are committed to taking a lead in ensuring our research culture and environment supports staff and postgraduate researchers to fulfil their potential, and we look forward to working further with UKRI in this area.

"A significant increase in the research workforce will be required over the coming decade to deliver a thriving research and innovation-driven economy for the UK. Efforts will be needed to retain current R&D workers in the field as well as recruiting more postgraduate researchers to form the pipeline of the future R&D workforce. This is something that universities, business, research funders and many other stakeholders will need to work on together to drive positive changes in a practical and effective way."

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