Better understanding of intellectual property rights following research at LSE

A world-leading pharmaceutical company approached London School of Economics and Political Science to commission research and consultancy into developing a better understanding of the international intellectual property rights regime, and to conduct a comparative study of two specific countries.

LSE Consulting put together an expert team of academics and coordinated both the knowledge-creation and knowledge-dissemination stages of the project. Two groups of experts conducted field research, interviews and data collection in the two countries assigned. The findings were analysed and compiled into a comprehensive report for the client. The dissemination stage of the project culminated in a workshop held at the LSE, which was attended by the client, specialized academic consultants and distinguished academic experts, and public sector officials working in the field. 

LSE’s expert team delivered much more than just a research and consultancy project. Firstly, the team achieved for the client their objective of raising overall awareness of international intellectual property rights. Secondly, their analysis of the application of specific laws in selected countries directly informed discussions regarding the ways in which these might influence the ongoing and future operations of the client. Thirdly, a well-balanced review of various stakeholders in the public and private sectors – their roles, responsibilities, guiding principles, and strategic objectives – was produced to help map out the strategic direction for the client, enabling them to develop their ability to bring more value to different stakeholders. Benefiting from LSE's outstanding reputation and links with the public sector, the client was able to significantly enhance its corporate profile and to reach out beyond what was previously possible.

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