Russell Group response to National Student Survey results 2023

10 August 2023

Commenting on the publication of the National Student Survey (NSS) results for 2023, Joanna Burton, interim Head of Policy (Higher Education) at the Russell Group, said:

"Students have shown great resilience in challenging circumstances in recent years, and we are pleased to see high levels of positivity from students across the Russell Group with the teaching on their courses. The updated NSS gives universities a more accurate picture of students’ views, and will ultimately help them to improve the experience for all students.

"It is also positive to see that the vast majority of students gave a positive response when asked if they feel free to express their ideas, opinions and beliefs on campus. This is testament to the work our universities put in alongside our students unions to create an environment where a diverse range of views and ideas can be aired and debated. Our members are always looking at how to strengthen these protections and we look forward to working with the new Director for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom to ensure the implementation of the new free speech law works for students, staff, speakers and universities."

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