Comment: It's time to stop reheating ruinous ideas on student immigration

30 January 2023

Following reports that the Government is considering introducing new restrictions to student visas, Russell Group Chief Executive Dr Tim Bradshaw has written for Times Higher Education urging it not to cut off a £26bn UK export success story at the knees.

In the piece published today (30 January 2023), he writes:

Universities recognise the importance of a robust, secure immigration system for the UK and work closely with the government to minimise the potential for fraud and other abuses. But the proposed changes reportedly being advocated by the Home Office, such as cutting the duration of post-study work visas from two years to six months, go well beyond this and would make UK universities less competitive in an increasingly challenging international marketplace.

You can read the piece in full here, and the Russell Group briefing on the value international students bring here.

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