Views of university leaders on the EU

01 April 2016

In the run up to the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union on 23 June, the leaders of our universities have been invited to speak about the role that membership of the European Union plays in making Russell Group universities so successful. Many have also written about their views on the UK's membership of the EU.

Principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Anton Muscatelli wrote in The Herald newspaper about the impact that leaving the EU would have on Glasgow and other Scottish universities. He also wrote about the positive case for the European Union on The Conversation website.

Professor Michael Arthur, President and Provost of University College London, outlined why the UK's EU membership is important to the success of his institution in Prospect magazine in May. He also wrote a a blog post for the UCL European Institute in February.

Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, took part in a debate about whether the UK's universities are better in or out of Europe on 17 March. Read her opening remarks.

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, spoke at the International Higher Education Forum on 1 March about the international nature of our leading universities and the importance of the UK remaining a member of the European Union.

Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter, wrote to the Financial Times in November highlighting how the UK and UK universities have helped shape the research policy of the EU and its member states. He also wrote an article for the Guardian about why universities should support the EU.

Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University told BBC Wales in June 2015 that leaving the EU would be detrimental to the standing of Welsh universities.




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