The Economic Impact of Russell Group Universities (London Economics)

02 November 2017

London Economics were commissioned to estimate the economic impact of Russell Group universities across the United Kingdom, focusing on the 2015-16 academic year.

The report found that Russell Group universities contribute nearly £87bn to the national economy every year.

The report looks at the economic impact of:

  • teaching and learning - from employment and earnings through to taxation
  • research - how funding is attracted and productivity spillover
  • educational exports - the attractiveness of our universities to international students
  • physical and digital footprint - supporting economic growth and the impact of universities' expenditure, jobs and supply chains

Russell Group universities generate £86.8 billion for the UK economy. Equivalent to the total UK-wide expenditure on the NHS for eight months.

Read the full report:

The Economic Impact of Russell Group Universities (London Economics)

London Economics were commissioned by the Russell Group to undertake an analysis of the economic contribution of their 24 members universities to the UK economy in 2015-16. 

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