A passion for learning: The student experience at Russell Group universities

15 January 2014

Learning in a Russell Group university is a distinctive and special experience. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with outstanding opportunities to learn, develop, and realise their full potential – helping them to make the most of their university experience and gain the skills, confidence and understanding to realise their ambitions and to contribute fully to our society and economy.


Our universities have always enjoyed a reputation as being world-class for the quality of our research. From the hologram to graphene, academics at Russell Group universities have made discoveries and broken new intellectual ground that has changed and enhanced the way we live. In fact we have become victims of our own success at research because what has received far less attention – although it is equally important to us – is the outstanding education we give our students.

This publication and film attempt to demonstrate the ways in which a compelling educational experience matters to our students, our staff, and our graduates. It grapples with myths and misconceptions that have arisen and explains why what we are offering is different from learning at school, how we care passionately about education, how research can enhance and not detract from teaching, and how students are taught how to problem-solve, communicate clearly, learn independently and think creatively, analytically and logically.


A passion for learning: The student experience at Russell Group universities

This publication explores how our universities provide the ideal learning environment for students to flourish, how they support students to get the most from the education on offer and how they give graduates the best chance of success in the wider world.

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