Sir Adrian Smith's review on research collaboration

04 June 2019

The Russell Group has responded to Sir Adrian Smith’s call for evidence for a review of future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation.


Research and innovation are global pursuits and are most effective when ideas and people are mobile across borders. The UK’s success as a knowledge economy hinges on our ability to collaborate on research and innovation with the best minds in Europe and across the world, but we cannot take our position for granted.


It is our view that associating to the EU’s Horizon Europe programme after Brexit offers the best opportunities for enhancing the excellence, breadth and strength of the UK’s research base, attracting top quality academics from across the globe and ensuring the UK is at the forefront of major scientific breakthroughs.


However, if the UK’s association to Horizon Europe or future Framework Programmes is not possible, there must be a fully funded alternative which can replicate the benefits we derive from EU Framework Programmes as closely as possible, and stability measures for the UK research base and community.


Post-Brexit, there is an opportunity for the Government to enhance support for wider international research collaboration. Consideration could be given to setting up a new fund for global research collaboration to facilitate cooperation with international research funding bodies and foster multi-lateral international collaboration.


Russell Group response to Sir Adrian Smith review



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