Russell Group submission to the 2021 Budget

22 January 2021

Our submission to the 2021 Budget sets out how Russell Group universities continue to play a crucial role in the UK’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and can be key drivers of economic and social recovery across the country as we emerge from the pandemic, boosting jobs, growth and prosperity across all nations and regions of the UK.

Our budget submission covers:

  • How Russell Group Universities play a crucial part in maintaining the UK's position as a science superpower, and how this can drive rapid social and economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The importance of superb education, training and skills to maintain the high-quality education system that can support regeneration, helping individuals and the country
  • The role of research funding and innovation in the context of the UK's association with Horizon Europe, to achieve our domestic ambitions and cement our role as a leading collaborator in global science
  • How research spending on overseas aid, particularly the Global Challenges Research Fund, can bolster the UK's position as a global leader and science superpower.
  • The role of devolved administrations, universities and skills in maximising the potential of the Shared Prosperity Fund
  • The importance of supporting students and researchers through the pandemic and the disruption it has caused, over and above the hardship funds allocated during normal times

We are determined to continue doing our part to deliver on the Government’s priority to create a stronger and more dynamic economy, and to maintain the UK's leading role in science research, innovation and global collaboration.

Note: This submission was made to HM Treasury before this week's announcement on T-grant uplifts were made. Read more about our response to that announcement here.

Read the full submission below:

Budget 2021 representation

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