Response to OfS T-grant savings consultation

18 February 2020

The Office for Students is set to distribute a reduced teaching fund, given by the Government towards teaching in universities, and it has asked the higher education sector to respond to its proposals for how to make those savings. Our response, 'Response to consultation on implementing teaching grant savings for 2019/20 and 2020/21,' submitted on 17th February 2020, is below.

There is more information about the consultation on the OfS website.

Our response emphasises that:

  • Universities teaching science, technology and engineering qualifications critical to future UK prosperity, are running those courses at a loss. The shortfall is already over £1500 per student per year.
  • Funding cuts over the past four years combined with rising student numbers means there is a risk that the number of places on offer to the next generation of scientists and engineers will be limited, as might the availability and quality of clinical provision when it comes to training the doctors and dentists we need.
  • It’s important that the Office for Students works with the Government ahead of the Spending Review later this year to make the case for ambitious investment in high-cost, high-quality teaching provision in line with its role in promoting quality, choice and opportunities for students.

 Read the full response here:

Response to OfS on T-Grant savings for 2019/20 and 2020/21

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