Briefing - Graduate Route

09 May 2024

The Graduate Route has helped make the UK a world-leader in education, supporting our economy, society, students and research.

International students are important members of our university communities, helping create a diverse learning environment. By supporting responsible recruitment of international students to Russell Group universities, the Graduate Route has:

  • Helped our universities grow the number of places for UK students over time despite shortfalls in government funding. English universities, on average, subsidised the cost of educating UK undergraduates by £2500 per student in 2022/23.
  • Helped universities support economic growth by maintaining investment in cutting edge R&D, benefitting communities in every part of the UK. Universities subsidised research activity by £5bn in 2021/22.
  • Supported work to boost the financial resilience of universities, with an internationally competitive offer to overseas students helping Russell Group institutions diversify recruitment.

Find out more in our briefing.

Briefing - Graduate Route

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