Briefing - Framework Programme 10

20 May 2024

The European Union’s Framework Programmes have provided an enormous boost to science, research and innovation across Europe and the world. As a group of UK research-intensive universities, securing association to Horizon Europe was a top priority for us, so we were delighted that the UK Government and European Commission were able to finalise association terms for the full duration of the programme.

The strength and value of ties between our universities and other European partners cannot be underestimated, and we hope they will grow, through Horizon Europe and successor programmes. With this in mind, we offer some observations relating to the future of these programmes, which we believe will build on their success, including:

  • protecting and boosting fundamental research
  • support for lower technology readiness level projects where risk is higher, but so are potential rewards
  • consideration for the potential long-term impact of technologically innovative, ground-breaking projects
  • increased efforts to raise awareness, across participating states, of the support available for end-to-end innovation

Find out more in our full briefing below.

Briefing - Framework Programme 10

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