Briefing: Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) Bill

23 June 2021

ARIA’s focus on high risk, high-reward projects has the potential to deliver significant returns for the UK. The creation of a new agency, broadly modelled on the USA’s DARPA, will help drive the pull-through of disruptive innovations to address complex societal challenges and fill a gap in the UK research system. The Russell Group supports the legislation before Parliament and would encourage Government to move forward with establishing the new agency as quickly as possible.

Our briefing looks at particular issues parliamentarians may wish to engage on as the legislation progresses such as:

  • Structures and operational freedom to enable a dynamic, entrepreneurial research culture that can scale up technologies, take on missions and tackle challenges.
  • Financial flexibility to enable consistent support for projects, and how longer-term grants can reduce red tape.
  • Driving economic growth through strong relationships with research customers, including the public sector which can enable pull-through at scale.

Research universities are well-placed to deliver in many of these areas. Download our briefing to find out more:

Briefing: Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) Bill

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