2019 UK General Election

29 October 2019

Whichever government forms after the next general election, the Russell Group and its 24 universities will work with political parties to create a dynamic economy, stronger communities and a better future for the UK. Now that a general election has been confirmed, we have published the Russell Group's policy platform for a new government with people and ideas at its heart.

Our people work hard to educate, invent, and come up with scientific, creative and business breakthroughs that improve life for everybody in the UK.

We are calling on the parties seeking to lead this country to:

  • Invest in talent, helping everyone realise their educational ambitions through a diverse mix of qualifications and disciplines, university funding, maintenance grants, and the right environment for international students.
  • Boost the knowledge economy by setting ambitious and detailed targets for R&D investment, keeping the NHS at the cutting-edge, and creating attractive conditions for overseas talent.
  • Build strong global partnerships and maintain the closest possible relationship with our EU neighbours on science, innovation and education and by recognising and leveraging our unique strengths and capabilities in education and research.
  • Create thriving communities by letting our varied institutions contribute to culture and business in their unique and varied ways.

Download the full document:

People and ideas: Proposals for the next government

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