Student support at Bristol

Research demonstrates that effective forms of student support are best delivered through partnerships of different organisations working together – which is why our universities have developed close working relationships with student representatives, NHS Trusts, charities and other community partners to provide an informed and joined-up approach.


Students at the University of Bristol who are having difficulties functioning or continuing their studies for non-academic reasons receive help from a specialist a Vulnerable Students' Support Service.

This pioneering service coordinates support for the most vulnerable students.

Working closely with staff in academic schools and with students, the VSSS ensure that students who are struggling receive support through the most appropriate service from across the University or from the NHS.

This pioneering service coordinates support for the most vulnerable students, assisting with pre-emptive work and helping manage crises.

In the last two years the VSSS has worked on cases of students with undiagnosed or unsupported mental ill health including first incidents of psychosis and the consequences of addiction. Other cases have included students who are seemingly missing and victims of domestic violence.

Bristol is also reviewing the way in which students are supporting by staff with specialist expertise with a view to ensuring individuals with the right expertise are available in each individual school and faculty and not just centrally.

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