Student researchers helping improve university life

Students at King’s College London are given the opportunity to complete a paid ‘internship’ at the university working on projects aimed at improving the student experience.


The interns have the chance to undertake primary research, such as carrying out surveys or hosting focus groups, to get student feedback about particular issues.

The research, led by the King’s Learning Institute, includes work aiming to tackle the BME attainment gap; co-curricular design and award schemes; student-led timetabling; assessment and feedback; diversifying the curriculum; and priorities for supporting students with disabilities.

The scheme benefits the students by giving them an opportunity to work with students from a range of subject areas as well as learning how to write reports and present them to senior managers at the university.

The internships are considered an excellent form of work experience, allowing students to include the research they’ve done on their CV to help them get into the workplace, or to help them apply for grants for further research projects.

Recommendations from the students’ research have led to new support posts, new policies on students’ access to Estates and libraries; the revision of reading lists and the development of study skills centres.

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