Making the transition from school to university

Learning at university is likely to be very different to learning at school or college, and in recent years our universities have put more work into helping students to understand and deal with this transition.

For example, as part of the Transkills Project, a collaboration between students, supervisors and Directors of Studies, the University of Cambridge has developed specific resources designed to help students make the transition from school to university and to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.

Some Russell Group universities offer foundation years in subjects such as science, mathematics and engineering, which can be particularly helpful for: international students; those who lack the required entry qualifications but have clearly demonstrated their potential in other subject areas; and students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

At the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), LSE100 introduces first-year undergraduates to the fundamental elements of thinking like a social scientist. Focusing on questions such as 'How should we manage climate change?', 'Does culture matter?' and 'Why are great events so difficult to predict?', LSE100 students explore the different approaches to evidence, explanation and theory that are used in the different social sciences.

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