Further examples of Russell Group universities providing information, advice and guidance

The Russell Group and its member universities invest significant time and resources in developing and delivering high quality information, advice and guidance initiatives to address the lack of relevant information – or worse, misinformation – that can create ‘false barriers’ to access.

Each University of Oxford college is linked with a local authority in the UK to ensure that each school has a first point of contact within the university.


The University of York’s Shine project works with pupils across Yorkshire and Humber aged 10-16 to raise aspirations, broaden their horizons and enhance attainment levels. Participants are identified by their school as being high achieving and from backgrounds currently under-represented in higher education.

The London School of Economics and Political Science’s programme, Moving On, supports children in their move from primary to secondary school by showing them that change happens throughout life and can be a positive experience. The programme is often their first taste of university and so is also designed to help raise aspirations.

University College London runs Bring Your Parents to University visits which focus on making the right choices at school and discuss the challenges and opportunities of higher education from a parents’ perspective.


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