Russell Group response to return of £1.6 billion funding earmarked for UK association to Horizon Europe

22 February 2023

In response to the return of £1.6 billion of unused funding set aside for UK association to Horizon Europe and Euratom to the Treasury (HMT) by the former Department for Business, Energy and Industry (BEIS), Dr Tim Bradshaw, chief executive of the Russell Group, said:

"Regardless of where the funding is allocated for accounting purposes, what is important is for the Government to deliver on its commitment to increase investment in UK research and innovation significantly, as set out in the Spending Review. This includes the funding needed for the UK’s full association to Horizon Europe or an ambitious alternative that will ensure we remain a global leader in R&D.

"The Spending Review committed to invest £16.1bn on R&D in this financial year and it is important that this plan continues to be met.

"With the end of the UK's Horizon Guarantee approaching fast, an extension beyond the end of March is urgently required if association cannot be finalised before then. The Guarantee has helped reassure researchers, has ensured we can access European funding calls and has kept the window for association open."

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