Russell Group comment on contribution of international students to the UK

10 October 2022

Commenting on the contribution of international students to the UK – culturally, socially and economically  Dr Tim Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the Russell Group, said: 

"The fact that our universities attract people from around the world is an asset and should be seen as a UK success story. It’s why the Government’s ambition was to host 600k a year by 2030 and why it celebrated hitting that target years ahead of schedule.

"International students help ensure our campuses provide a vibrant and diverse environment for young people to learn in and generate funds that are re-invested in our universities and benefit the wider UK economy.

"The global market for international students is highly competitive. The recent strong growth in applicants from India and Nigeria, prioritised in the UK’s International Education Strategy show efforts to attract students from across the world, like the graduate route, are beginning to pay dividends. It would be a mistake to undo this good work and reverse course now.

"Indeed, international students make up over two thirds of UK education exports and will be critical to meeting the Government’s export strategy to increase education exports to £35 billion by 2030."

You can read the Russell Group's September 2022 briefing, Working with the world's best: responsible international recruitment and research collaborationhere

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