International graduates

21 March 2019

Responding to HEPI's report 'The UK’s tax revenues from international students post-graduation', which shows that international students who stay in the UK to work contribute £3.2 billion in tax, Dr Hollie Chandler, Senior Policy Analyst at the Russell Group, said:

“It is helpful that Ministers have now set a target to increase the number of international students coming to the UK, but the target will be meaningless without the policies to attract them.

“The UK needs to improve its visa policy and ensure a welcoming environment. A two-year post-study work offer would enhance the UK’s appeal as a top study destination and help the UK retain talented graduates who benefit our society and economy - as shown by the report published today.

“As well as improving the offer for non-EU students, we urgently need reassurances for EU students coming to the UK after Brexit. The Government should ensure the EU Settlement Scheme will apply to all EU citizens arriving before the end of 2020, even in the event of no deal, as originally promised.” 

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