Priorities for the OfS Regulatory Framework

13 July 2017

The creation of the Office for Students (OfS) presents an opportunity to develop a new risk-based regulatory framework, which meets the needs of students and the sector. Ahead of the detailed consultation expected in the autumn, this paper sets out our initial thinking regarding our priorities for the regulatory framework and how the OfS should operate.


The protection and promotion of students’ interests should be front and centre of the work of the regulator. In protecting the interests of students, consideration should be given to the role of students as partners in their own education. Similarly, the wider remit of universities beyond teaching and research – and the interconnectedness of activities – needs to be understood and factored into core OfS approaches.

The UK has a world-leading, high-quality and highly regarded higher education (HE) system and the OfS has a key role to play in its future success. 

Priorities for the OfS Regulatory Framework

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