Solving Future Skills Challenges

06 August 2018

Responding to Universities UK’s report Solving Future Skills Challenges, Sarah Stevens, Head of Policy at the Russell Group, said:

“There is no doubt that a highly-skilled workforce is needed to help the UK economy grow and to support a prosperous society. The research-intensive learning experience which Russell Group universities provide for students helps them develop the personal and professional skills to prepare them for graduate-level jobs. This style of education enables students to think critically, analyse and solve complex problems, and bring ideas and teams together – all skills which are crucial for graduates in adapting to a rapidly changing labour market.

“Through its review of post-18 education and funding, we hope the Government will continue to support a vibrant and diverse higher education landscape enabling universities to continue to deliver a wide range of academic and technical qualifications to meet the needs of students and employers.”

Notes to editors

Russell Group universities contribute £86.8 billion to the UK economy through their teaching of students, the research they do, the international students they attract and the jobs they create both locally and nationally. More information here.

More information on the benefits of a research-intensive learning environment is here.

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