Minister on vice chancellors' pay

07 September 2017

Responding to a speech  by Universities Minister Jo Johnson on university vice chancellors’ pay, Dr Tim Bradshaw, Acting Director of the Russell Group, said:


"Our universities bring huge social, economic and cultural benefits to the United Kingdom. Russell Group institutions, in particular, are vital engines of growth and opportunity, delivering high value jobs and the skills the country will desperately need to prosper in a post-Brexit world.


"When it comes to the issue of pay, our universities recognise the need to act responsibly. Russell Group universities have demonstrated strong and effective governance around senior remuneration and will continue to do so. 


"At the same time, our members are operating in a fiercely competitive international market for the best research, teaching and leadership talent. Ultimately this pays huge dividends, adding tens of billions of pounds to the economy every year and helping to maintain the UK's position as a world leader in science and innovation."

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