Russell Group 2020 Spending Review submission: levelling up at home – leading the world through science and skills

24 October 2020

The Russell Group today (24 October) published its submission to the Spending Review 2020: levelling up at home – leading the world through science and skills.

Rapid economic and social recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is vital – but from crisis comes opportunity. Now is a key moment to reflect on the lessons of 2020 and create new opportunities and resilience for the future.

While we recognise that public finances are under pressure as a result of the pandemic, we hope that the Spending Review will still be a strategic fiscal event that looks firmly to the future and focuses on how to rebuild and strengthen the economy through research, innovation and skills. The Britain of 2025 and beyond should be fairer, greener, healthier and more prosperous. 

The one-year timeframe will understandably mean that some longer-term resource commitments will not be set out in full, but it is important that the Government provides details for future capital investment so that that crucial medium and long-term projects can be supported. Investment in people and ideas can deliver the transformation our economy needs: generating scientific discoveries and novel technologies, training an adaptable workforce of the future, and sparking prosperity in towns and cities and across the country.

Building on the Government’s bold ambition for science and skills, our proposals acknowledge the economic challenges Britain faces, offering solutions on ways to invest efficiently and deliver a substantial return for that investment. Now is the time to double down on our competitive advantage in education and research: levelling up at home – leading the world.

You can read our submission's executive summary and download it in full here.

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