Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships

Please be aware that the Dangoor Scholarship programme has now ended.

For information on bursaries and scholarships we would advise that you contact our universities directly, via our financial support page.

The Russell Group and 1994 Group of universities launched a groundbreaking £1000 scholarship for students who wished to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects at university.

The ‘Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships’, launched in 2009 with a £3 million donation over three years, is one of the largest private bursary or scholarship schemes in the UK. Matched funding from government was expected to bring the total funding available to over £4 million.

Thanks to the generous donation from Dr Naim Dangoor, over the course of three years this scholarship has assisted thousands of students at Russell Group and 1994 Group institutions. The ambitious scheme was designed will encourage more young people to consider studying STEM subjects at one of the country’s leading universities.

Who qualified? 

 To qualify for the £1000 scholarship students had to be all of the following:

Due to enter their first year of undergraduate study at either a Russell Group or 1994 Group university from September 2010.

Taking a course in a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subject.

Be a UK home student who will pay tuition fees. 

A list of the specific courses which qualified for the scholarship was outlined by each university. Some universities accepted applications from part-time students who were in line to receive £500.

Beyond the basic qualifications outlined above, the precise conditions for the scholarship varied from institution to institution but all Russell Group universities prioritised students from under-privileged or non-traditional backgrounds. 

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