The combination of excellent teaching and world class research across a wide range of subjects makes a Russell Group university an ideal place to study. Expect to be challenged.

Our latest publication explores how Russell Group universities provide the ideal learning environment for students to flourish, how they support students to get the most from the education on offer and how they give graduates the best chance of success in the wider world.

Students interact with leading thinkers and academics at the forefront of their disciplines. They have access to first class libraries and facilities and a curriculum informed by world class research. Undergraduates have opportunities to engage in research themselves and undertake independent projects while learning alongside motivated and talented peers. There are also programmes for work-based learning, internships in coveted professions and tailored guidance to help students consolidate the skills which are valued by employers.

This research-rich environment creates the ideal conditions for students to develop their creativity, analytical skills, problem-solving, as well as their team working and communication. These attributes are highly sought after by employers and will enable students be successful in their future lives and careers.

The value of the academic experience at Russell Group universities is reflected in a number of ways:

  • The high competition for places, with an average of over six applications per place across Russell Group universities.
  • student satisfaction rates – the National Student Survey and the i-graduate international student survey all found higher rates of satisfaction with the teaching quality at Russell Group universities;
  • completion rates Russell Group universities have the lowest drop-out rates in the UK;
  • progression to further study Russell Group universities have some of the highest percentages of undergraduates proceeding to postgraduate study; 
  • employer demand. Research has shown that studying at a Russell Group university attracts a salary top up of approximately 16% over a lifetime for male graduates and 9% for female graduates, compared to graduates of newer universities.